Academy of Exercise Mechanics™


The Academy of Exercise Mechanics™ project  is our effort to help redefine the fitness and rehabilitation industry. Our objective is to educate current professionals and enthusiasts to find the truth in movement through mechanics. You will study movement through a spectrum of analysis. Each area of the body will be broken down into three carefully integrated labs.



Anatomy & Architecture

Gain insight into how your body’s structure can be explained through architectural concepts. We will explain how your body has the ability to adapt to applied forces, exercise and sport. Those specific adaptations can affect the structure and quality of your joint motion positively or negatively.


Functional Anatomy Dissection

Gain a true internal view of how differing bone structures can affect your joint motion. Our cadaver dissections are unique as we focus on the function of anatomy as opposed to just labelling. Discover how bony adaptations or variability in joint shape define your unique mechanics.

Functional Movement Dissection

Learn how to improve your hand and wrist function for increased mobility, stability and strength. We will guide you through specific exercises that you can do on your own to reduce your likelihood of experiencing inflammation and undue tightness caused by repetitive patterns.

2019-2020 Anatomy & Mechanics Workshops


Understand your clients’ anatomic structure.

Experience the musculoskeletal system in 3D.

Examine the mechanical ability of all tissues involved in motion.

Explore function outside of anatomical position.

Understand the importance of the role fascia plays in muscle function and integrated movement.

Discover what traditional Kinesiology missed.


Lecture - 2 Hours

In this 2-Hour Lecture we will explore basic mechanical engineering principles. These foundational principles will assist students in understanding the principles of the physiologic adaptations that occur due to forces imposed on the structure. Adaptations to bone, cartilage, ligaments, muscle/tendon unit and other fascial tissue will all be investigated.

Cadaver Lab - 6 Hours

Students spend time in the lab with a prosected human specimen exploring: Muscle attachment sites, Muscle fiber direction, Fascial attachment sites, Fascial fiber direction, Joint axes, Common anatomical occurrences not typically in books and anomalies. Palpation techniques, joint motions, and joint surfaces will be explored.

Workshop - 4 Hours

We will explore mechanical intricacies rarely explored in the exercise and rehab industry. Joint structure, joint range of motion, muscle mechanics, muscle function, and common flaws in traditional and “functional” strength exercises for the Lower Extremity. Stretching and “release” techniques (myofascial release, active release and massage) will be examined for their influence on muscular control, and ultimately, joint stability.

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