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Muv Method Math in Motion:
We understand that your body is a complex machine, and so we approach it with Exercise Mechanics, an application of engineering and physics that guides our understanding, implementation, and delivery of exercise. Our mission from the very beginning has been to provide responsibly designed group class instruction that respects the laws and the mechanics of the individual’s body. We believe that everyone should be educated about how their own body functions and performs so they can safely challenge their skill potential.

Conditioning and Endurance:
Learn strategic ways to challenge your body to tolerate higher intensity strength and conditioning.  This year-round series consists of six different workouts a week for six weeks.  Each skill used in the training circuits has multiple levels of progression designed to fit your current abilities and proportions. Master bodyweight and kettlebell exercises to improve your strength, agility and overall athleticism.

Mobility and Balance:
Understand the mechanics and strengthening strategies to improve your balance in daily life, Dance, Martial Arts, Swedish Gymnastics and even Yoga.

We will explore the physics of balance and how to progressively prepare your body to actually master balance. You will see what is necessary before adding unstable training tools to reduce the risk of unnecessary joint wear during your balance training.

What to Expect:

We will teach you isometrics that will strengthen the components of your base of support. You will then learn how to progress your base of support and how to apply the science of physics and neuromechanics to learn more complex skills.

What to Bring:

Your feet and your hips. Maybe your knees. Hand balancing will be another course, but we will still need them for this course. This is a barefoot training facility, but you’re welcome to wear shoes that have not been outside.

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