Meet the Team

The misfits, nerds, and enthusiasts who believe in reshaping the industry.


Jhonphilipp Yonan


I’ve been lucky to have been surrounded by so many intelligent and progressive professionals throughout my time in the fitness and martial arts industry. They inspired me to constantly question what is being dictated by the industry. They have encouraged me to analyze every movement, its effect on the kinetic chain and to engage and inspire every individual I come in contact with throughout my career. Generally, we all have two arms and two legs and three energy systems we should tax based on our goals. I tend to steer away from mindless systems and trends. As a trainer, the experience I provide for each client should be in depth and mindful every time to challenge them accordingly. What we trainers/consultants do is invasive to the body and we should be aware of how we apply forces to every single joint and muscle. 

My path with the development of MÜV Integrated reframed my focus on fitness. It changed from the need of self-image actualization to a path toward self-actualization. I began to understand how to be in the present not only in life, but in the movement I'm doing at that point in time. My relationship with my own body has become stronger. Not to be like someone else, but to be the best version of me possible.


Joe DeAntonis


My parents realized early on that I needed to move, a lot! I started playing baseball at age 5 and from there it continued, gymnastics, Martial Arts, basketball, soccer, football, track, cheerleading, bodybuilding, powerlifting…that’s just the organized sports. I embedded myself into learning as much as I could about human function and movement. I trained under international experts in biomechanics, movement therapy, orthopedics, physical therapy and neuroscience. I studied at multiple universities to study engineering, sports medicine and exercise science and I trained through the best organizations to learn about resistance training and movement therapy. Over the past 20 plus years I have taught hundreds of workshops to thousands of student helping them to understand human function and adaptation on a new level. I have worked with hundreds of clients helping them achieve new levels of function and a better quality of life. I not only teach it, but I live it; come experience it!


Brian Engel


My experience in fitness started with team sports at a young age but progressed into a desire to be as well tuned as possible for outdoor activities. I grew up with the mountains as my playground and have always valued strength and stability. I became interested in weight training while I was in the military but never really had formal guidance, and struggled to find the balance between agility and strength until I started working with Jhon. MÜV Integrated Physical Culture has taught me how to balance it all out and become efficient, strong, and confident in my movements.