The MÜV Method


MÜV Integrated Physical Culture is a fitness experience meticulously curated for the individual. Improve your balance, mobility, strength, and power. Move Intelligently™.


Old Meets New


17th Century Inspiration

We incorporate what we’ve gleaned from researching 17th and 19th Century German and Swedish Gymnastics: lost, revolutionary forms of group instruction with mindful progressions and specially designed equipment lines. The foundation of these instructions were an active style of modern yoga that involved empowering students to help each other with postural alignment by using “Partner Feedback,” which we have dubbed Partner Reinforced Isometrics™. The positions practiced in Eischen’s Yoga also served as the base for a related dynamic exercise.

Cutting Edge Knowledge

We understand that your body is a complex machine, and so we approach it with Exercise Mechanics, an application of engineering and physics that guides our understanding, implementation, and delivery of exercise. Our mission from the very beginning has been to provide responsibly designed group class instruction that respects the laws and the mechanics of the individual’s body. We believe that everyone should be educated about how their own body functions and performs so they can safely challenge their skill potential.


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Optimizing Joint Function

Optimal joint function comes from daily movement to maintain a solid connection within the neuromuscular system. We wanted to find a way to provide basic tools to give our students control of their bodies, so we began to introduce the Self-Reinforced Isometric techniques to improve joint function and stability. We choreographed a short movement pattern based on a Chinese form of energy balancing called QiGONG. There are 5 sequences that involve the Active Range of Motion (AROM) tests we perform with our private students. Naturally, we had to call this mix of AROM and QiGONG QiROM™. We now encourage all of our students to use this Daily Movement Pattern™ as a gentle practice to check-in on their own bodies and to maintain healthy joints.

Ever-Evolving Fitness

We began assessing and modifying our class structure and progressions to follow the Exercise Mechanics principles taught by Resistance Training Specialists®. We also started digging deeper into 19th Century Swedish Gymnastics as it was the only system of the time that organized progressive skills based on physics and neuromuscular function. The similarity between Resistance Training and Swedish Gymnastics proved to be a perfect combination to help with our class modifications. Since then we’ve analyzed, modified and incorporated Eischen’s Yoga, Swedish Gymnastics, Kettlebell lifts, and Indian Club swinging into our exercises.


We’ve analyzed, modified and incorporated Eischen’s Yoga, Swedish Gymnastics, Kettlebell lifts, and Indian Club swinging into our exercises.