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The misfits, nerds, and enthusiasts who believe in reshaping the industry.


My parents realized early on that I needed to move, a lot!


I started playing baseball at age 5 and from there it continued, gymnastics, Martial Arts, basketball, soccer, football, track, cheerleading, bodybuilding, powerlifting…that’s just the organized sports.


I embedded myself into learning as much as I could about human function and movement. I trained under international experts in biomechanics, movement therapy, orthopedics, physical therapy and neuroscience.


I studied at multiple universities to study engineering, sports medicine and exercise science and I trained through the best organizations to learn about resistance training and movement therapy.


Over the past 20 plus years I have taught hundreds of workshops to thousands of student helping them to understand human function and adaptation on a new level.


I have worked with hundreds of clients helping them achieve new levels of function and a better quality of life. I not only teach it, but I live it; come experience it!

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