Our class experience is unique. You will learn basic exercise mechanics during a challenging workout and be able to practice movement thoughtfully in a group setting. We have a fun and supportive community and we strive to make sure that everybody knows your name.



Joint stability is the foundation of strength, speed and precision. This is your daily remedy to learn techniques that will improve your joint mobility, accelerate recovery and overall postural control. Beginner to Advanced students are welcome in these classes. Classes include Eischen's Yoga, QiROM (our version of QiGONG) and basic Swedish Gymnastics. Liberate your movement so you can focus on living your life.



Six different workouts a week for six weeks. Learn strategic ways to challenge your body to tolerate higher intensity strength and conditioning circuits. Each skill used in the training circuits have multiple levels of progression designed to fit your current abilities and proportions. Master bodyweight and kettlebell exercises to improve your strength, agility and overall athleticism. We also offer Skill Circuit 6 Express; a 30 minute class that is geared for those with time constraints.



The proverbial rabbit hole of movement exploration. You are at the mercy of the instructor to explore other movement systems and even break down skill to its smallest components. This is our lab time to explore running mechanics, martial arts, Indian club swinging and even handstands.