Defining Movement. Defining Fitness. Defining Ü.

move ( müv ) v. , - To change posture or position.  To take action.  To cause.  To carry on one's life or activities in a specified environment.  To progress toward a particular state or condition.

MÜV Integrated Physical Culture is a boutique gymnasium that provides true integrated training. Our gymnasium is redefining the fitness industry by rising above fancy gimmicks, system comparisons, and generalized sound bites.  We believe the individual is more important than any established system or style.   You will get true integrated training by our specialists, as attention is not only placed on external performance.  To get the most out of your training, we encourage that you practice three things; Mobility, Nourishment, and Skill. Those three attributes work together to make you a stronger, faster, leaner and more mobile human being.  We provide training and education for everyone, whether you are a novice, recovering from an injury, or a seasoned professional athlete.

"Life is never stagnation. It is constant movement, unrhythmic movement, as we constantly change. Things live by moving and gain strength as they go." - Bruce Lee

mailing list (māliNG list) n. , - a list of the names and addresses of people to whom material or advertising matter or information may be mailed.
praise (prāz) v . - to announce approval of; to proclaim or communicate good things about a particular person or thing.
  • "...As a yoga teacher and movement enthusiast I am inspired by his (Jhon's) knowledge, dedication, and creativity..." - Anna Z.

  • "Jhon has mastered the science and art of human movement and improving its efficiency. His workouts are fun, creative, and challenging regardless of your fitness level and he equips you for real world challenges." - Brad C.

  • "Every aspect of MÜV is meticulously ironed out to create a flawless environment for your fitness and health. Jhonphilipp Yonan is a walking database of knowledge on the physics and motion of the human body as well as the dynamics of a workout, from standard to complex." - Rob L.

  • "There's a playfulness about the entire Müv experience that can easily lead you forget that you're engaged in exercise. Composed from portions of yoga, circuit training, martial arts, and play, each day can be totally different." - Nikolaus S.

  • "...Jhonphilipp is extremely knowledgeable about anatomy and body mechanics and develops creative and challenging circuit-style workouts (which have built-in variations of participants of different skill levels) for his small group classes..." - Sarah P.

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